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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exercises To Increase The Buttocks and lift

Exercises To Increase The Buttocks and lift

A woman with a sexy butt helps highlight its beauty, especially when seen some Tight jeans, sexy sleepwear or swimwear. Most women admire these celebrities rear and would like to have one of those. The solution for a round butt is to work the muscles of the buttocks. There are exercises created solely to enhance the buttocks. Such exercises are not "Miracle", you need to put a lot of effort on your part. It takes at least a month of hard work, do not think that magic will come in a few weeks. If you need fast results, I'm afraid to tell you not find, you need to perform the exercises every day, and make the appropriate routines. As you progress in your training you should do it more and more intense. These exercises make your butt bigger.

Exercise 1
Position yourself on all fours lift your right leg with the knee bent, stay in that position now. After the leg up and inhale, exhale when the recesses. Return to starting position and switch legs. Repeat 3 sets of 10 exercises for each leg.

Exercise # 2 (Strengthen Glutes) Put yourself in profile, put one leg forward and one back then places both hands on her waist. Bend your knees while keeping your back straight and abdomen tight. Up and down with each leg 10 times. Do three sets.

Exercise # 3 (Lifting Buttocks) Get face down on a mat, now separates the legs form a V and paste your arms to your body. Raise one leg bending your knee. The leg should be bent and not straight because if you do you can provoke injury to the lower back. 

Others Requiring Appliance Exercises That Can Help You Lift Your Buttocks: 

Toning Ball: Put one leg over the ball, then flexed your body forward as you extend your leg behind the ball rolling. You contract the muscle while doing the movement. You can use dumbbells to complement exercise and get better results. 

Lateral Step Stand to one side of the step, right leg up, then you put your hands on your waist, hip down to the height of your right knee while flex your left leg. Return to the position you started with. Do 3 sets of fifteen repetitions and switch sides.

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