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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to raise your buttocks

How to raise your buttocks

A perfectly chiseled and attractive body is what each one of us desires to have but not all of us are blessed with proportional body parts and body figure. However, if you are not blessed with a perfect body, it doesn’t imply that you can’t have one. Thus if you are searching ways to raise your not-so-perfect or flat buttocks, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. There is not an iota of doubt that by following a good exercise regime, one can get the body shape one desires to have and it is definitely possible to raise your buttocks by following a specialized workout.

So, get ready to get perfectly shaped butt, because we are here with few simple workouts that’ll help you to raise your buttocks instantly:

· Try out squats

Squats are often regarded as one of the most beneficial exercises for the gluteus or buttocks and it surely works for every body type and age. All you need to do is extend your feet in proportion to your shoulders and do sit ups by pushing your rear to the back as much as possible. After trying out the simple squats, switch over to strenuous workout by holding barbell rod or dumbbells while performing the squats. This is going to work wonders on your thighs and surely helps to raise your buttocks.

· Dipsticks

All you need to do is balance your body completely while doing this exercise. Start this workout by standing tall on your left leg and raise your right knee to the navel and hold it. Extend your arms to the side with chin parallel to ground. Now, bend the left knee and descend your hips as low as possible. Try and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds and repeat it with left knee as well.

· Do the dips for the hips!

Dips are often considered to be the workout of the triceps, but there are certain types of dips that help to make your butt bigger. All you need to do is lift your pelvis while lying straight on the floor. Drop the hips while you inhale but don’t let them touch the ground and exhale back while coming up. These hip dips surely are capable of giving an attractive look to your butt, so try and do at least 8-10 rounds of it regularly.

· Lunges

Many ladies have discovered their sexy-self after incorporating lunges in their workout regime as this is an extremely effective exercise that helps you to raise your buttocks instantly. There are a number of types of lunges one can perform such as stationary, walking, alternate or side lunges and each of it is effective in raising the butt. In order to add that extra punch in your workout, we suggest you to add the ‘dumbbell effect’ to your lunges. Hold the dumbbell in both your hands and lean forward your right leg, now take the right leg backward and bring forward the left leg while still balancing out the dumbbells. Do at least 3-4 rounds consisting of 15-20 reps daily.

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